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Recipe Creations by Diane Cahill

How we began...

I am so happy to have this opportunity to share with you a collaboration of the research and "guinea-pigging" by myself and many of my friends around the world.

I must give credit where credit is due! The AutoFlowerNetwork (https://www.autoflower.net). Many of our members have medical issues and we research and find out what treatments work or don't work.

We are not doctors, never claim to be and not all treatments work on all people.

Some diseases and ailments are not going to be cured, but there are things you can do to to help your body help itself. We have a treatment plan that is designed to get you feeling the best that you can.

Like eating right. Hippocrates said; “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” While we can't do that exclusively, we can listen to our bodies and give ourselves what we need.

There was a time when we could get all the nutrients, (like magnesium) from the foods we ate. Unfortunately some foods we eat do not contain the nutritional values they used to, and we don't eat enough green leafy vegetables.

Most people are either low or deficient in magnesium which is needed by every cell in our bodies. It is needed for brain function, regulating our heartbeat, energy production, kidney function, muscles, our digestive system, on and on.

Signs of low or deficiency are irritability, insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, muscle weakness and headaches to name a few.

What we are doing now...

My Magnesium Oil products are very concentrated, made with white Magnesium Chloride flakes from the Dead Sea and natural spring water. I add glycerin to help with the tingling you feel when you start using it and for adsorption.

The Magnesium rub is made with skin-loving coconut oil and/or grape seed oil and beeswax. The rub provides more moisture to your skin than does the spray.

I use natural salts for the Bath Salts; Magnesium Chloride and Pink Himalayan salt. For a nice relaxing bath to soothe sore muscles, or as a detoxification. May also be used as a foot bath.

MagiC, is the same as Magnesium Rub with the added benefit of cannabis.

All my cannabis products are made with medical grade plants, grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The trandsdermal products (you use on your skin) will NOT have a psychoactive effect, you could consume it orally (not recommended), as all my materials are food grade.

All my products are made to order. The packaging, labeling, color and/or consistency may change from order to order and appear different from the pictures.

I can make custom products...feel free to contact me with questions or requests.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride is an essential mineral that every cell in our body needs.

Magnesium has a relaxing effect easing or eliminating pain of stressed muscles and joints.

May also ease: headaches (including migraines), body aches, insomnia, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, PMS, cramps and autoimmune disease.

Promotes healing of stressed or damaged skin including eczema, psoriasis, acne, poison oak, and shingles.

Transdermally, (absorbed through the skin) is the most efficient absorption method for Magnesium.


Medicinal Cannabis 

When used topically, cannabis has amazing healing properties.

Cannabis has been known to ease pain associated with *headaches *neuropathy *rheumatoid arthritis *stressed muscles and joints

Cannabis may also promote healing skin issues *eczema * psoriasis *superficial wounds

Cannabis works hand in hand with Magnesium for added strength

We use whole plant cannabis, meaning all the cannanibinoids are included and processed in their acid form or decarboxylated. Products made by Everessence  are not designed for recreational use.

What our customers are saying

Such an awesome salve and shipped in a timely fashion. Thank you!

Medi Rub

Amazing! Both my fianc?e and I are already reaping the benefits. We've used it on my swollen hand and palms, my elbows and his neck and back. Thank you!

Medi Rub

Seller was great. Delivery was speedy. Product works.

Medi Mag

This salve Is really helping with my pain. Made well and simply for full benefits. Thank you!

Medi Rub & Magnesium Rub

very nice, great gift for the holidays!

Medi Rub

Magnesium Uses

With Magnesium Oil you can rub away pain. Spray the painful area and rub it in. Relief is fast and lasts a long time.

Or take a therapeutic bath with our Bath Salts. Magnesium and Pink Himalayan salts soak away stress and pain. Can also be used as a foot or hand bath.

Our Magnesium Rub is a gentle way to use magnesium oil on sensitive skin. Made with natural skin loving oils found in all our topicals.

MagiC combines the benefits of magnesium and cannabis for pain relief and natural healing.

Cannabis Topicals

The base for our cannabis infused topicals is raw, unrefined coconut oil that tastes and smells like coconut. This oil has many health benefits for your skin as well as your whole body. Coconut oil is one of the best mediums to extract all the cannabinoids.

Cocoa butter is then melted with the coconut oil, producing a yummy chocolate-y coconut-y smell and taste that blends well with cannabis.

Our beeswax is 100% natural and adds a slight honey scent.

All whipped up into our Medi Rub that melts at the touch to deliver the cannabinoids where you need them.

First Aid Plus is a handy salve to keep around for minor scrapes and scratches.

ECHO Salve


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